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Founded in June 2018, Altus Esports was a team formed under the guidance of the highly experienced Simon Feigl, who had previously co-managed Evolution Racing Team to its successes between 2015-2018. In forming Altus Esports, the direction of this Esports team is to be Professional, and Elite through a focused approach and a strong team culture that competes in world level racing series across various racing platforms, most notably iRacing, but also other platforms such as GT Sport.

iRacing is widely considered the most realistic competition simulation platform available in the market today, with the highest levels of competitors racing on the simulation, including real world racing stars such as Supercars aces Scott McLaughlin & Shane Van Gisbergen, with Formula 1 stars past and future racing on it with Lando Norris (2019 McLaren F1 Race Driver and Rubens Barrichello (Formula 1’s most experienced driver in history).


However, many of the drivers within this team have extensive experience in other simulation platforms, most notably Simon Feigl and Italian ace Simone Maria Marcenó who have both competed in the Nissan GT Academy International and European Finals respectively, having qualified on Gran Turismo.


Altus Esports drivers regularly compete on iRacing and GT Sport, but will race on any platform for the biggest events in Sim Racing Esports.


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