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  • Simon Feigl

Čolak opens Porsche Qualifiers 4th Place

Marin Čolak put together an exceptional result on Saturday in the Porsche Pro Qualifiers. This is the qualifying series with those who qualify will vy for a shot at the $100,000 USD prize pool later this year.

The very tricky Belle Isle race circuit would be a tough opening round for all involved, with the pressure on the nail that all important qualifying lap. Marin's experience really came to the fore here, with a very strong 4th place on the grid, in what was a 7.5K SOF race.

As is the case with street circuits, the walls are closer, and the racing can often be bumper to bumper. Marin found himself sitting behind Pure Racing Team's Alex Thiebe for the duration of the race, with pressure coming from Williams Racing Esports' Moritz Löhner. The racing was ultra clean though, despite being perilously close to bumping eachother on several occasions, let alone the proximity to the walls. Ultimately Marin would hold onto the 4th place, and a very strong result in his highest SOF race ever.

Such is the competitive nature of the series, and many races being run with high SOF due to a very peculiar qualifying system implored by iRacing, Marin sees himself in 14th place with a little over a day to go. Solidly inside the Top 20 that qualify.

The next race is on the small Tsukuba circuit, where Marin will be looking to back up this performance with another strong showing. With no drop rounds in the 9 round series... there is very little margin for error.

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