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  • Simon Feigl

Altus supporting Team Ireland in FIA Motorsport Games

This weekend the FIA are hosting their FIA Motorsport Games as the Olympics of Motorsport, and it's being held in Rome. For the first time, the Digital Cup is being contested, bringing together representatives from many FIA member countries to contest in the big event, being run on Gran Turismo Sport.

Whilst we are not representing any nation in the event, we have had the pleasure of supporting and assisting the Ireland contingent for the event, being represented by Keith Dempsey. Keith has a very long history in simulated racing, and has also taken his skills to the track, however his experience is limited. Keith was brought into our Altus Academy for a rapid GT Sport boot camp run by our FIA World Tour team of Kenny Conomos, Nicholas Voon, Connor Healy and Matthew McEwen, to upskill Keith on GT Sport in a very short amount of time.

The racing is going to be exciting to watch, and Keith's improvement and experience in the last few weeks has been great to see. We wish him all the best for this weekend's action!

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