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  • Simon Feigl

Antti Ahola joins Altus!

It is our great pleasure to reveal that Antti Ahola has joined Altus Esports. We've known Antti for a very long time, as a long time competitor of ours when driving for Vendaval Simracing. Antti is a former competitor in the iRacing GT World Championship, and finished inside the top 10 overall last year alongside fellow Altus driver, Josh Anderson.

Antti is an excellent guy to have around, has tremendous speed and is as committed as you'll ever see. In the last few days when Antti was welcome internally into our team, we've been impressed with his excellent work ethic, and we are confident that we will continue our march forward.

Please make Antti welcome - I'm sure you're all going to love him! 😁

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