• Simon Feigl

Blacklock & JSH take V8 SCOPS Victory in Imola!

Sam Blacklock and Jackson Souslin Harlow would pair up for the Second round of the SCOPS Enduro Calendar; and what a pairing it would be over the 500km Sprint Race. Jackson would clinch Pole Position in a nail-biting Shootout, and the duo would go from strength to strength; battling early on with Xero Esports and Trans Tasman Racing for the race lead.

A gearbox issue in their final Pit Stop seemed to throw the result in doubt; but through their phenomenal pace; great strategy and persistence; it would prove a tough combination to beat as the pair went on to claim both of their first victories in the SCOPS Championship by 7 seconds.

Beau Albert and Zac Hanlin also took to the challenge and despite being in unfamiliar territory in the Supercar; would take a very strong 10th after Zac's Fuel saving allowed Beau to push right to the very last lap.

A perfect way to build momentum for the squad as their eyes are now set firmly on the Mountain.

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