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Bobo steals Round Victory at 60/60 AOSC Round!

There have been many things in sim racing that you can count on... Beau Albert's love-hate relationship with the V8 (exhibited by his 100% conversion rate of crashing at Griffins Bend each SCOPS Bathurst 1000), and Simone Maria Marcenò's daily use of "Mamma Mia".

However, the world turned upside down where not only did Bobo not crash... but he finish with results of P8 in the regular race after a solid qualifying effort, and in the reverse Top 25 race he finished an astounding P6. Nobody could believe what we were watching... and that through all of this, Beau "Griffins" Albert from G-Town managed to WIN the round! We are still in disbelief, as must be the GWS Giants.

Congrats Bobo... maybe you are a Supercars driver!

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