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The eRacr Carnomoly 500 took place today amongst a stacked field at Daytona International Speedway. As can be the case it was a very tense affair for our three drivers Seth DeMerchant, Markus Ruckman & Michael Cosey Jr.

Unfortunately Markus was ruled out early, with computer troubles at the start putting him several laps down. Merch did an awesome job from his front row start and was managing the race well, opting to save fuel late in the race to set up a fast finish.

Cosey was moving up the field and did an awesome job of avoidance driving as the wrecks starting kicking off, however got tied up in one 30 laps from the end causing moderate damage on both sides, causing a pivotal caution that would move Merch on his strategy to the top few positions.

With just 10 laps to go, Merch was atop the leaderboard and looking comfortable however multiple cautions left a decision to pit or not to pit for fresh tyres. It looked as though Merch had made the perfect call to pit late, being in P8 at the restart on fresh tyres however right at the restart a massive crash collected most of the field, taking Merch out of the race.

For Cosey, he'd not pitted for tyres and with his damaged car was sitting in P2 for the final GWC restart. He held it as close as he could with Mullins but ultimately couldn't get enough out of his damaged Chevy, and would finished P2. An awesome result despite the troubles, and definitely one to be proud of!

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