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We're going to take things back to last week's eNASCAR Road to Pro race at Darlington, where we ran a special one-off retro inspired livery for the race.

It didn't really turn out to be a good omen, as we had a tough day at the track where we found ourselves in the midfield for the bulk of the race. Highlights were Merch and Cosey being able to move forward from where they qualified, Cosey up a +15 spots and Merch +8, it was a tougher time for Jordy, Matt and Braden who all stayed around where they started in the all-green race. On brighter news, Christian had another top 10 in the second split, and now is sitting pretty inside the Top 10 in the overall standings, with a very consistent run so far.

We've already been working towards the next round, with our outright pace in qualifying being a focal point as we head to Charlotte this coming week.

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