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  • Simon Feigl

Dayne does the Double in V8SCOPS!

Dayne Warren threw down the gauntlet after putting together a perfect race meeting in V8 SCOPS Premier Series, taking a double victory in the the two-race format.

Dayne was the leader in Pre-Qualifying, and in the race day qualifying session he was able to put his Holden Commodore into Pole Position for both races setting a blistering pace. For Dayne the races were very straight forward in the end, able to pull out a gap steadily in both races leading flag-to-flag victories in both races, claiming a 6 second victory in Race 1, and an 8 second victory in Race 2. A completely dominant week of Supercars racing. 💪

For championship leader James Scott he would have an excellent debut in the team, fitting in nicely and establishing an early grounding to finish with a 9th place in Race 1, and a 5th place in Race 2, with very good race pace.

Ethan Warren too would have a strong day, especially given the limited preparation he's able to afford at the moment, by finishing Race 1 in 8th place, and Race 2 in 18th place coughing over the line.

Brady Meyers would have a difficult Race 1, being caught out in an early race altercation that would see him put into the fence, but was able to continue to finish 28th, before surging strongly in Race 2 with a 9th place finish, holding 7th for a long time dropping a couple of places late.

Beau Albert returned to the series and Split 1 action for the first time in a while, however the return was troubled by a series of issues in both races. It was great to see him out there nonetheless.

V8 SCOPS heads to Watkins Glen for the next round of the championship in three week's time, which always makes for interesting racing.

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