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  • Simon Feigl

Daytona Defence Denied

The 2020 edition of the iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona has concluded for another year, and whilst this time last year we were basking in glory, this year we are left licking our wounds.

Early issues would rule out our #143 GTE entry and #83 GT3 entry, with all attention moving to the #43 Logitech G BMW. Performance was strong, however our challenge was brought undone in the 14th hour, where running in 3rd place contact was made with a slightly out of control car. Whilst the contact itself didn't seem too bad, unfortunately our steering was completely destroyed and required 15 minutes of repair.

We continued on, and spread the #Race4Relief message to all who watched the race, however in the end we would come up in 14th place, several laps down.

Whilst the end result was not what we had hoped for, the positives are the work behind the scenes within the team and the preparation that went into the event. A fantastic effort!

Perhaps the biggest positive of all, was the community support, and stories that we had heard of people donating to their chosen charity, and hearing other stories of aid being provided by those who had seen our message. We were also very humbled by all teams participating in this charity drive, and the support given by RaceSpot, iRacing and the Sim Racing community across the globe.

On behalf of all Australians, we say thank you. 🤗

#Race4Relief #DonateForAustralia #THANKYOU Logitech G Altus Esports #43 - GTE

Andrew Kahl (AUS)

Simon Feigl (AUS)

Yannick Lapchin (FRA)

Tuomas Tähtelä (FIN)

ASTRO Gaming Altus Esports #83 - GT3

Zachary Hanlin (AUS)

Jackson Souslin Harlow (AUS)

Ethan Warren (AUS)

Sam Blacklock (NZL)

Motum Altus Esports #143 - GTE

Alexander Lauritzen (DEN)

Beau Albert (AUS)

Brady Meyers (AUS)

Ross Balfour (UK) Guest Driver

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