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Whilst the ENASCAR Road to Pro has the week off, we thought we would take a look at how the journey has been so far for our Oval Squad who are keen to build on a strong 2021 campaign that saw four drivers earn the coveted “black stripe”.

Through 6 races we have taken 3 top-split wins, and been 2nd in two of the three races in which we didn’t win. To reinforce our strong showing, we have banked wins and top-5’s in 2nd split, too.

It’s been a continuation of the form shown throughout 2021 for the likes of DeMerchant, Lopez, Cosey and Pedersen - while off-season recruits Tucker Minter, Ryan Doucette and James Wenzel have picked up wins and top-5’s themselves.

Fortunately, most have already locked themselves in for Round 2, with just Wenzel and Danson still to claim their place. Heartbreaking results despite strong showings have hampered Danson in particular, but we are hopeful this luck will turn.

Said Minter on the season so far with his new team; “It's been a pleasure to join Logitech G Altus eSports this year. Each week we show up to the race with the expectation that we're going to be the fastest team and I think we've done just that. The team atmosphere at Altus is great. Everyone - whether that be the oval, road, or dirt side - is really supportive of each other.”

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