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Farewell Simone, Marin & Vedran

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce some changes within the team. We bid farewell to three very strong drivers and those who we have known more as brothers.

Firstly Simone Maria Marcenò... Mamma Mia, has decided to do what he is very motivated to do, and that is to create his own small Sim Racing team. It's a journey not too dissimilar to our humble beginnings also, and whilst losing Simone as a driver and teammate, we retain him as a very close friend and wish him all the best in the future.

We also bid farewell to Marin Čolak and Vedran Kralj, the dynamic duo who were two of our earliest European based drivers, and were able to achieve some fantastic things with the team. A direction change from within the team however has brought about this change, and we do wish Marin and Vedran well in the future.

Stay tuned for some further announcements surrounding our team roster, with our first new driver to be announced tomorrow!

Any ideas who it could be?

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