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The eNASCAR Road to Pro Series moved to Talladega Superspeedway and our team had put together a very solid strategy to bring the Tour de France to Talladega with our six top split drivers. In what is usually a green flag fuel saver, we opted to pit our whole team early and go full tilt to the finish.

It was looking like the big brain move of the season with all our cars leading the pack with both a fuel and tyre advantage however it fell to nothing, when a bad caution came out neutralising the field. We had track position, however it became much more of a lottery than we would have liked.

It was a bruising finish, with bent fenders and a struggle to the line however we ended up with two cars in the Top 10 from Merch and Braden, Cosey picking up 12th in his first Top Split RTP race ahead of Ruckman, with Danson and Lopez hit hard with drama at the end and finishing down the order. Christian ran solo in split 2 and came home a solid 11th.

The talk of the event however was the Logitech G Altus Choo Choo Train. What a sight it was!

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