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GT Worlds - P9 and P35 Finish in the Championship

The final race of the season took place at Circuit of The Americas and unfortunately it was a race to forget for the team. Simon "L8AP3X" Feigl qualified the Logitech G Ferrari in P17 and had a solid run early on running in P15 however was caught up in a racing incident with the PRT Blue car, which subsequently ruined both races. Simon continued on, and was caught up in two other incidents, one of which from being turned around just after passing a lapped runner. Things did calm down after 90 minutes and with the track temp soaring to 49.4 degrees for half the race, it was intense. Unfortunately for the incidents caused in the opening two hours left Zachary Hanlin the uneviable task of bringing home the car with very few incident points remaining. The job was mostly done, however with 5 laps to go he would be hit in the rear from another competitor, disqualifying us in the process but being classified P30 in the race.

The ASTRO Gaming Ferrari's season had a race that close to summed up their season. Starting P22 on the grid, Marin Čolak had negotiated the opening chicane complex however with the traffic bunching up, he was unceremoniously smacked in the rear, turning him around being collected by some of the pack. He would recommence and catch the battling pack however when letting another car through, he was hit off the track before the braking area on the main straight and speared into the fence in a horrible crash.

The 2019 season has come to a close, and there's been some highs and some lows. For the Logitech G squad of Andrew Kahl, Simone Maria Marcenò, Simon "L8AP3X" Feigl & Zachary Hanlin they finished in 9th Place in the Championship with their results being a 6th, 7th, 5th, 35th, 15th, 30th from the six races. A very solid season against the very best endurance teams in the world and will be returning to the World Championship in 2020.

For the ASTRO Gaming squad of Yannick Lapchin, Marin Čolak and Vedran Kralj, unfortunately their P35 finish in the standings means that they were unable to retain their place for the 2020 Championship and will return to qualifying. From the first round where a Top 10 was on track and they would have a disconnection, it would end up being an omen that would last with them throughout the season. Results of 24th, 20th, 41st, 21st, 42nd, 36th would sum up the season. A frustrating one, but they will return and fight back.

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