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GT Worlds R4 - Big oof!

At the weekend was Round 4 of the iRacing GT World Championship and going into the race we knew we were going to be up against it with so many strong BMWs on a BMW track, but also a return to form for many of the Porsche's. It was our worry, and our worry turned out to be correct. We managed to qualify with both cars within the top 20 which was our worst qualifying of the season, however the race itself would go even further back from there.

Our ASTRO Gaming car had spin on lap 1 however avoided any damage, and had a fantastic drive back from last place to finish just outside the top 20 in 21st place. A great fightback for Yannick Lapchin and Vedran Kralj there in challenging circumstances.

For our Logitech G car a series of unfortunate events would occur in the race, with a seemingly poor server for the race resulting in far more netcode than usual, where we lost some time while challenging some of the Porsches. However the race really turned on its head when a control system failure at the fast chicane caused Andrew to fire into the wall with no steering or braking input resulting in minutes of optional damage. Simone would drive for more than 4 hours in the fastest GT4 in iRacing, however in the end P35 was the best that was possible. A forgettable race and the squad drops to 9th overall in the Championship. Roll on Sebring!

NOTE: Image is representative of what iRacing was showing of the #43 car while racing, and was not the result of the crash. It would appear the server liked to destroy all of the cars in the field for this race, including the leaders.

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