• Simon Feigl

Jackson Souslin Harlow signs with Altus

We are proud to say that as of today Jackson Souslin Harlow has joined Altus Esports, with a keen eye on taking it to the very best on iRacing both locally and abroad. We believe Jackson to be one of the most talented up and coming drivers that will be a great asset to Altus Esports, further bolstering our V8 lineup alongside Dayne Warren, Ethan Warren and Sam Blacklock. JSH was one of the strongest talents at TTL Esports, and with their recent closure we had little hesitation in reaching out to their former star. We are looking forward to working together closely, with the next major V8 SCOPS Premier Series being at Watkins Glen this coming weekend.

Jackson is an exceptional talent both on the simulator as well as in his real world karting achievements. Be sure to follow his JSH Racing page and keep up to date with all of his racing exploits and be sure to watch out for the fluorescent green highlights on the #75 Altus machine in the races to come!

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