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Kenny & Connor shine in AGT All Star Race

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Fresh off the iRacing Petit Le Mans win, the team was on a high and wanted to keep the run going with another victory, this time in the AGT Online All Star Race on Gran Turismo Sport. Kenny Conomos wasted no time in doing so, taking pole position in the qualifying shootout and driving a masterful race to take the win by managing his fuel economy to make the no-stopper work. Connor Healy was debuting in the series, and had a great race also, crossing the line in 4th place in Race 1.

Race 2 was a reverse grid race, and with their great results from Race 1, it was going to be a tough affair. They both got off to strong starts, but then everything went off in front of them at McPhillamy Park, with the track being mostly blocked. They were able to get through, however did get held up in the process. The strategy game would come out again and on this occasion both drivers opted for an earlier stop and clear air. It would prove an excellent play, and as each driver in front of them stopped, they would move back up the order. But the race's end, Kenny has wound up finishing the race in second place, and Connor in fifth place.

It was a fantastic performance by the Altus drivers, combining their two races to achieve the highest average of the night.

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