• Simon Feigl

Kenny & Nick in GT Sport World Tour Nürburgring 2019

Kenny Conomos (AE_KENOMOS) and Nicholas Voon (AE_SCHNICKOMAN) have have succesfully taken out the top places for their manufacturers in Oceania, Kenny driving for Jaguar and Nick for Aston Martin. Also with Oceania taking the second highest points haul for each manufacturer, they are in the box seat to be invited to the next FIA-certified Gran Turismo World Tour event, this time being staged at the famous Nürburgring on June 21-22.

This would be a fantastic achievement for the pair and both of their second time competing overseas against the world's best, with Kenny finishing runner up in the Logitech G Challenge in Taiwan, and Nick competing in the FIA World Tour Final Qualifiers in Tokyo, both last year.

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