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Kenomos 3rd in Nations Cup

Kenny Conomos got our very first season as a GT Sport team off to a great start, by taking it to the very best in Oceania, with eSPORTS+CARS CAR_Bass, and the undisputed No.1 in Australia, Nik_Makozi.

Kenny performed strongly throughout the entire season, culminating in very strong showing in the final race. He also took the stunning Jaguar GT3 to the top 4, being comfortably the fastest Jaguar and narrowly missing the podium spot by just 19 points!

Nicholas Voon had a great start of the season, however we will give him a break for the reason why that didn't continue. In mid February, Nick tied the knot with his beautiful bride which on this occasion took the priority.

For very different reasons, it was a great start to the year for our Gran Turismo duo! Congratulations to them both!

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