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Race 4 Relief Awareness

As an Australian managed team with a number of drivers from Australia also, the bushfires have been absolutely devastating to our country, with an enormous 12.35 million acres being burnt already with the devastation continuing to grow. To put this into perspective, England's land area is 13 million hectares in size.

More than 20 lives have been lost, millions of animals have also lost their lives, thousands of homes destroyed and mass evacuations for many Australian towns often leaving people stranded with limited belongings.

The response from the public has been excellent, and the word is being spread across the world. We spoke as a team about what we could possibly do to help beyond our own donations of supplies and money, and the Australian Red Cross slogan of "The power of humanity" gave us our answer.

We decided that we would utilise racing to spread the word through Esports in next weekend's iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona, and provide some legitimate options for viewers to donate to those affected. We are also paying tribute to those affected by running a special edition Australia-inspired Green and Gold livery on all of our cars for the race, and also stream the race in its entirety from the inner sanctum of Altus Esports. We will also be creating and sharing Race 4 Relief windshield banners for each of the 7 car types, so that others also racing in the race can spread the word and show their support.

We will have more details on the stream and banner download links in the coming days. In the meantime if you would like to donate, we recommend the following options. Any donation big or small would be greatly appreciated and help to make a difference.

Australian Red Cross:

The Salvation Army:

WWF-Australia (Animals):

WIRES (Animals):

We look forward to you joining us, and entertaining you all next weekend in what is a big race for us, as we attempt to defend our Double Class Victory (GTE & GT3) from 2019. We will race the green and gold with pride, and hope you too can give hope to those Australians in need.

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