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Report: GT Sport World Finals at Monaco

By virtue of their fantastic performances across the GGT Sport World Tour events, Connor Healy, Kenny Conomos and Matthew McEwen qualified for the GT Sport World Finals at Monaco.

Kenny was lucky enough to pair up with SuperGT to take on Lewis Hamilton and Igor Fraga in the Pro-Am. Unfortunately, Lewis must have been used to hearing "Get in there Lewis", and he proceeded to go right into the back of SuperGT turning them around early on in the race. Nevertheless it was all a bit of fun, and we loved meeting and talking with Lewis.

In the Manufacturer Series, it was a tough day in the office for all three manufacturers. In what looked like a promising start with all three cars in the Top 8 after qualifying, the racing turned out to be a difficult affair for our Gran Turismo drivers.

Races 1 & 2 were fraught with altercations from the bunched pack, as their respective teams were more often than not on the receiving end of an unfortunate situation. This left all three manufacturers, Chevrolet, Jaguar and Hyundai well down the order going into the final race.

In the final race of the day, the tide would turn for the better for all three. The story of the race was Chevrolet, coming from the last place on the grid when Matthew McEwen started the car, and the team carving their way through the field and finishing in 3rd place! 🥉For Jaguar and Hyundai, they too would improve on their earlier race results and all move up the standings. The final standings were:

P6 - Chevrolet (Matthew McEwen)

P9 - Jaguar (Kenny Conomos)

P12 - Hyundai (Connor Healy)

In the end it was not the result that they were all hoping for heading into the World Final, however being that it was their first ever World Final, there was a lot that can be learned and taken into future World Tour events.

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