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  • Simon Feigl

Ryan goes Two from Two in World Eseries Sprintcars

The World Series Sprintcars Eseries moved to Eldora Speedway for Round 2 of the series, with Tim Ryan taking a dominant flag to flag performance in Round 1 in the J&S Drilling Altus Esports Sprintcar. The lead up to this week's round was not ideal though, having to settle for 2nd place in the race.

Tim would start in the feature on the front row, and having committed to the top side from the get go, he would fall down through the field while the low side was at its strongest early on. However the strategy would pay dividends and the fightback from 7th place was on. Tim owned the top side of the track, and was carving through the field as one by one the cars started heading for the top side. The race would end up being a dogfight with Monte Motorsport Sprintcar Team's Joel Berkley, with each driver throwing sliders and cut backs where on the penultimate lap Berkley would slide a bit too far and go into the fence, leaving Ryno to take a memorable victory. 🥇

He now extends the lead in the championship moving into Round 3, and the season has almost been faultless thus far. With how competitive it is though, there's no resting on our laurels when that winning feeling is so good.

Many thanks to J & S Drilling Motorsport for their collaboration with us for the series. So far so good, and we will be looking to put on a good show next round.

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