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The Porsche Esports Supercup Contender Series made its way to Long Beach for the penultimate round. Cooper Webster & Jordan Caruso got off to the best start possible, claiming the second row in qualifying with Jordan marginally ahead of Cooper.

In the sprint race Jordan's luck came to haunt him once more, with netcode contact made around 1m away from his car, putting him into a spin and blocking the track at the fountain. Fortunately he was able to escape at the end of the queue of those not damaged, and he recovered for 13th place while Cooper serenely drove to a 3rd place finish.

The feature proved a mixed result as well. Jordan was able to move forward early however despite the pace advantage just couldn't do anything to move higher than 8th. Cooper on the other hand had just made a move for 3rd place from 6th on the grid, before being tapped awkwardly at the hairpin, losing critical time. He'd recover for 9th and still net some solid points.

With one more round to go, Cooper is pretty well secured however it is all to play for with Jordan, sitting in 18th and three places from the qualification number.

Bring on Nürburgring!

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