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  • Simon Feigl

Team Update

We'd like to let all of our followers know that we have had some changes within the team. We can advise that as of this evening, the following team members are no longer part of Altus Esports.

  • Dayne Warren

  • Ethan Warren

  • Jackson Souslin Harlow

  • Alexander Lauritzen

  • Lasse Sørensen

These types of announcements are never easy, and each individual is for their own reason and not just one. We will not go into specifics, however what this has reinforced through a number of team discussions these past few days on the importance of commitment to the team and mate ship.

It brings us back to who we are and we began as when the team started almost two years ago, where those values were at the forefront of our minds. A small team committed to one another to achieve our goals together, and that is what we did.

We are very excited to move forward with the team that we have, and despite the change in roster the team has responded very well with renewed motivation, including our newest member we will be revealing soon.

We do wish each and every one of those we are saying farewell to all the best wherever they may land, and we look forward to some good races in future. We may no longer be teammates, but we remain as good friends.

- Simon Feigl (Team Manager)

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