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  • Simon Feigl

Thanos snaps fingers to take AOSC win away minutes before Endgame

Last night's Australian Online Supercar Championship endurance race at COTA was set up for a fantastic climax to the Infinity War brewing between Logitech G Altus Esports, Evolution Racing Team and Xero Esports.

The Altus Holden being driven by Dayne Warren was able to slice his way through from third to first place and after a critical error from combatant Jordan Ross, the race looked all but over with a 1.5 second gap and just a few laps remaining.

However Thanos had other ideas, snapping his fingers to cause the Altus Holden to disappear for a full 12 seconds, relinquishing the lead and taking a near certain win away from our grasp.

Team Manager Simon Feigl has already reached out to Tony Stark for Time Travel support via the Quantum Realm, however declined to support at this time citing family concerns.

We still hold out hope of a reversal of fortunes, however congratulate ERT on holding onto the win.

For everyone who tuned in and continue to support us... Thank You 3,000!

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